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Who Are Those Guys: Press

Regarding WATG's Performance at the Cedar Beach Blues Festival 

"Who Are Those Guys made sure everyone knows [who they are] now and
their southern fried boogie and Americana was pure and natural."

Dr. Blues (Mark Gresser) - Promoter Cedar Beach Blues Fest, Editor of Backyard Blues, President of LI Blues Society

"Dr Blues" - Mark Gresser - Cedar Beach Blues Fest (Oct 2, 2011)

Who Are Those Guys won the Gold Award in Dan's Paper "Best of the Best" band category on the North Fork.

Dan's Papers (Nov 1, 2010)

"Who Are Those Guys? BADASS is what they are!" - Jango

- Jango (Mar 31, 2010)

"Very cool! Sounds like a group of monster studio aces throwing down." - Broadjam

- Broadjam (Sep 18, 2009)

     Feb's Feature was called Who Are Those Guys , aka WATG. Now I'd never actually made it to a WATG gig, despite hearing really good things about them for years (these things happen when you have to make your own gigs, too!)  So that coupled with the fact that Eastenders Coffee House was 'closing' (NOT! Visit for full details!)  at the end of February prompted me to get my butt in gear & finally invite WATG to be the feature @ OVaV. Now a little background - Lindsay Reeves is a member of WATG and the owner of Eastenders Coffee House, along with his wife Diane Reeves.

    Who Are Those Guys are an amazing group of talented guys who have all different backgrounds in music. It's like the best of more than one world - with so many different voices, all unique, all strong. And they blend without hesitation, with perfect intention, with the sound of a seasoned but not burnt band of friends. The songwriting is so good that you find yourself wondering if every song is a cover they've given their own flavor. And when you realize that each song is written by one of the many different members of the band, that just leaves you feeling even more appreciative of their combined talent.

The production on each song is worked out to a Tee and is executed perfectly as well. I really loved the tremelo guitar, percussion & the harp & other fine details made the songs so intricate & really kept your attention. They were just fantastic & everyone that came down really enjoyed what they had to give. I can't thank you guys enough for such an inspiring show!!!!!! Please come back ASAP WATG!!!!

Jessie Haynes - Original Voices Blog (Apr 17, 2010)

26 •

The North Shore Sun • August 17, 2007

All right, so who are those guys?

Local band has made

quite a name for itself

By Rebecca Packard

More people are going to wonder “Who are those guys?” and be answering their own question, now that the band with that name recently had a song on CBS.

Who Are Those Guys is a local band with a core of six musicians from Mount Sinai, Riverhead and Mattituck. A portion of their song “If You Ain’t Got

the Money” was featured on the CBS network series “Without a Trace” in April, and the band has regular gigs at local venues such as Four Doors

Down in Mattituck, Michael’s at the Boardwalk in Riverhead and recently played in the

Cutchogue St. Patrick’s Day parade. The three Mattituck members, Marty Attridge,

Doug Attridge and Jim Gorman, have been playing together for about 30 years.

Pat Petrosini of Mount Sinai joined the band about 20 years ago, Tom

Daly of Ronkonkoma signed up about seven years ago, and Lindsay Reeve,

owner of East End Coffee House in Riverhead, has been with the group for

about three years. Band members have moved closer to each other

over the years. They say having everyone nearby

now makes it easier for them to do gigs, and that Mr.

Reeve’s deep roots in Riverhead have helped them

network locally. Having their songs on the Internet

(on I-Tunes,, CDbaby, and other sites)

also has helped get their music heard.

It was through the Internet that a music publisher and then CBS heard their music and decided to give them a call. “I signed on a Thursday … and it ended up being

on [the show] on Sunday,” said Marty Attridge. Who Are Those Guys’ music is “neoclassic rock at its best,” according to their Web site, www.whoarethoseguys.

com. Other musicians the band members list as influences include Neil Young, Tom Petty, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bob Dylan. They said they

all have different musical preferences — such as funk, jazz, country and bluegrass — that influence their music, but mostly the songs are original ones in a classic

rock style. “How many times are you going to hear the same stuff?” asked Mr. Gorman about classic rock. “It’s good, but it’s old.” Of their music he said, “It’s new stuff

with the same kind of sound, so it’s refreshing.” The Attridge brothers write most

of the band’s music and they all learn the new songs when they rehearse

to record new albums. Mr. Petrosini said fans can rely on their

songs sounding like what they hear on recordings; they aren’t electronically

tweaked. But Mr. Gorman said there’s always some improvisation

during performances, too, so the songs sound fresh every time.

One of their biggest local gigs was a 25th anniversary concert at Vail

Leavitt Music Hall in Riverhead in 2004. It was the first sold-out show

the venue ever had, according to the band. Playing every weekend is a big

commitment, but band members say their families are supportive.

Mr. Gorman actually met his wife, Liza Coppola, when she was performing

one night at East End Coffee House. Band members say their

wives have become friends, and the band is like a family of its own. They

get more out of it than the cash at the end of the night, they say.

“We musically connect sometimes, where it’s the best feeling,

better than anything,” said Mr. Petrosini. “It’s a great release,” said Mr.

Reeve. “No matter what the rest of your week has been like, a gig or two

on the weekend just wipes it clean.” In addition to regular paying gigs,

they do several benefit concerts every year. Next weekend,

they’ll be playing at a Cutchogue fundraiser for Community Action of Southold

Town, an organization that provides food, clothing and other assistance

for people in need. Band members refer to their music’s

recent airing on CBS as both a strike of lightning and a natural result

of building up their reputation. They said they enjoy playing locally

but are open to branching out, too. “We should be at the next level,”

said Mr. Petrosini. “I think — I know — we’re that good.”

And what is the next level? Band members mention larger venues,

more festivals, and more money. “I really don’t know,” said Mr. Petrosini.

“But I can’t wait to find out,” said Mr. Reeve.




To learn more about Who Are Those Guys and listen to their music, visit

The band is playing at Michael’s at the Boardwalk in Riverhead

on FRIDAY, AUG. 24, and at the CAST benefit in Cutchogue on


Rebecca Packard - The North Shore Sun (Apr 17, 2010)